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This will change the world as we know it… No More Energy/Electricity Bills

MyFree.Energy is a System That Will Change The World As Far As Energy is Concerned.

However, as with many other advances in technology, the major corporations in conjunction with the central banking cartels, have never allowed this information to get out to the public.

Not only that but in their greed for wealth and power, they prevented these units from being made, claiming that there was none other than the conventional way of generating electricity. Yes, folks, we’ve been lied to. We do have the technology to generate free and clean energy. And we need to put in a joint effort to stop crime against humanity, it is outrageous what is going on.

To Understand Our Motive, Watch This Video And About Smart Meters Here’s what is Done To Children!

We can easily understand that people are able to do more good when they don’t have to struggle for survival. And we know how badly free energy is needed in many of the poorest areas in the world. It is our first priority to channel as many of these free energy generating units as we can to the most needed places in the world. And of course eventually, make them available in the marketplace, reasonably priced everywhere.

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We figured that the idea of crowdfunding may be the most effective way to move ahead on this very large project, we decided that perhaps the best methods in which we could approach this crowdfunding would be in a manner, in which the donors could also gain wealth at the same time.

Please take your time to understand the following.

CryptoCurrencies have played quite a roll in derailing the debt-based central banking system which has been the culprit for enslaving humanity over the course of the past 150 or so, years. But there is one particular outstanding crypto money, which actually has its value backed by the price of GOLD. The Billion Coin. Our Mission Statement.

We accept TBC for donations, in values of $25USD to $100USD. Values that are $100USD, up to $100,000.00USD we accept in USD or CAD, Bitcoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin, we will then give back 100% of the donation amount in TBC to the donor.

If this idea is a bit confusing to you, please read this post. The idea will make a lot of sense when you understand the TBC Cookie Rewards Program. If you are sure you understand TBC enough that you are ready to get your wallet which will cost you a one time $10USD wallet fee, you can do so here. You need to pay the wallet fee using Bitcoin. If dealing with Bitcoin is too complicated for you, here’s a different way.

P.S. The Greatest loss a person can take, is losing out on a great opportunity. And this usually happens due to not understanding it well enough. If you have any questions, please contact John Harder on Telegram. or WhatsApp


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